Effluent Tank Helps Hospital Meet Standards

Sept. 23, 2016
Tank is part of U.K. hospital's new Energy Centre

A Sealwall Tank manufactured by Whites Concrete has become part of Rampton Hospital’s new Energy Centre in Nottinghamshire, U.K., which is operated and maintained under a Carbon Energy Fund framework contract.

Part of the new Energy Centre that provides heating, hot water and electricity to the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Hospital, Whites Concrete’s pre-cast concrete Sealwall Tank is a component of Rampton’s new effluent treatment plant—now a modern, automated system that meets both current environmental standards and future expansion of the site.

Designed to ensure a watertight and robust connection between adjacent panels, the Sealwall is cast in segments with a jointing system. Units undergo quality control during manufacture and also reduce build-time by up to 50%.

The hospital’s existing coal-fired boilers at have been replaced with a 1 MW biomass boiler, a 1.2 MW combined heat and power (CHP) engine and three high-efficiency dual-fuel boilers running predominantly on gas. A new building management system also has been installed.

Under its framework contract, guaranteed specified carbon and energy savings are set to deliver projected financial savings of around £112,000 pa for the Trust. The new plant meets all of the hospital’s heating and hot water requirements and approximately 87% of the total electricity demand, reducing CO2 emissions by around 8,000 tonnes pa.

Source: Whites Concrete