Chinese Wastewater Treatment Plant Uses Landia Pumps, Mixers

Sept. 13, 2016
Matougang plant expands sludge handling facility

Landia supplied 22 pumps and mixers for an expanding wastewater treatment plant in central China.

The new Matougang sludge handling facility in Zhengzhou, China, will use four Landia submersibles to mix sludge before dewatering, while each of the plant’s 16 new digesters will utilize an MPTK-I Landia sludge circulation pump (with two further units ordered for standby).

The pump and mixer contract for the municipal sludge treatment project was awarded to Landia by the tank manufacturer Lipp. Nearly 10 years ago, Lipp used 13 Landia pumps for its inaugural installation in China when it built tanks for the Dalian Xiajiahe Sludge Treatment Project in Dalian City, China. The Landia pumps have continued to work efficiently and reliably with no spare parts required to date.

At the Matougang plant, the new sludge handling facility will digest dewatered sludge in order to reduce the amount of sludge. As an added benefit, biogas will produce heat and green electricity.

Source: Landia


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