Water Planet, Applied Membranes Form Strategic Alliance

Feb. 10, 2016
Companies will jointly market, sell and service water treatment systems

Water Planet, Inc. and Applied Membranes, Inc. have formed a strategic alliance to jointly market, sell and service nanofiltration and reverse osmosis-based water treatment systems relying on Applied Membrane’s standard designs and Water Planet’s self-adaptive flux management controls.

As one of the first collaborations under this agreement, Water Planet has sold a multi-stage reverse osmosis-based integrated membrane system for the Kuwait Oil Company to purify brackish groundwater for use in oil production and steam generation.

Applied Membranes is a manufacturer and distributor of reverse osmosis membranes, systems and components, with more than 10,000 commercial and industrial systems in operation across the globe over the past 32 years.

Water Planet designs and sells ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems. Water Planet developed its proprietary self-adaptive flux management controls technology to improve the reliability and affordability of membrane filtration systems in challenging applications.

Source: Water Planet