New Jersey Energy Station Adopts Water Treatment Technologies

Dec. 29, 2015
The technologies will support environmentally friendly and sustainable energy operation

Kruger Inc. has furnished West Deptford (N.J.) Energy with Biostyr biological aerated filter (BAF) and Hydrotech Discfilter systems, allowing effluent from a municipal wastewater plant to be recycled and reused, with a treatment capacity of 7.35 million gal per day, in the operation of its new “green” energy station.

The West Deptford Energy Station (WDES), a natural gas-fired, combined-cycle electric generating facility, generates about 738 MW of electricity—estimated to power more than 700,000 homes in South Jersey and northern Delaware. The facility sits adjacent to the Gloucester County Utilities Authority (GCUA) sewage treatment plant, and uses treated effluent diverted from the GCUA river discharge for use in the energy station’s non-contact cooling tower makeup, boiler feed-water and plant service water.

Kruger’s Biostyr BAF and Hydrotech Discfilter systems provide nitrification and filtration of secondary effluent received from the GCUA prior to use of the reclaimed water within the WDES. The Biostyr process combines biological treatment, clarification and filtration into one compact system removing ammonia and a majority of the wastewater solids. The Biostyr, which provide an ideal filtration system for fine solids removal, thus producing much cleaner water needed for use in plant operations. The use of recycled water makes West Deptford Energy's power station a model of efficient and sustainable energy generation.

Source: Veolia