Pentair Showcases New Solutions at 2015 Aquatech Amsterdam

Nov. 9, 2015
The event was held Nov. 3 to 6, 2015

Pentair showcased its latest integrated solutions for the separation, filtration, treatment and quality control of water and other fluids at Aquatech Amsterdam, Nov. 3 to 6, 2015. Aquatech Amsterdam is a trade exhibition for process, drinking and wastewater technologies.                                        

"At Pentair, we help businesses and communities better manage and treat their water supply-returning it safely to the environment or recovering and reusing it for other applications," said Phil Rolchigo, Ph.D, Pentair's vice president of technology. "Our innovations are driven by the goal of helping our customers produce more food, energy, and efficiencies from each drop of water, while protecting people and the environment."

The Aquatech exhibition is a part of International Water Week Amsterdam, which brings together the international community to explore various global water issues. A key event during the conference was the Industrial Leaders Forum on Nov. 4. Figures, including John Righini, vice president, Pentair Flow & Filtration Solutions - Advanced Filtration & Separation, came together to discuss integrated water solutions for a circular economy, with a focus on developing comprehensive industrial strategies to address the growing global demand for water.

Aquatech attendees visited the Pentair booth to hear presentations and see the company's newest solutions and services across the entire water landscape, including:

  • Helix technology for ultrafiltration - For industrial processing and water reuse applications, X-Flow's next generation tubular membrane with Helix technology helps to prevent the buildup of insoluble particles in high-solids ultrafiltration. With advanced hydrodynamics, the technology can address challenging filtration applications while increasing productivity and lowering energy consumption by up to 50%.   
  • Compact 75G membrane module - The X-Flow Compact 75G membrane module combines high mechanical strength with high chemical resistance for demanding water and wastewater treatment applications including the treatment of food and beverage wastewater as well as produced water in the oil and gas industry.
  • X-Line ultrafiltration solution - With a flexible in-rack design and minimized footprint, this pre-engineered ultrafiltration solution offers a complete and ready-to-use water purification system for a range of industrial and municipal filtration applications, including potable water.
  • Aqualine - Suitable for industrial water challenges, the high-flow microfiltration Aqualine system provides pretreatment and protection for reverse osmosis membranes, and offers lower capital and operational costs compared to a conventional system.
  • GRO encapsulated membrane - For the production of high-quality, drinking water in both residential and commercial settings, Pentair's high efficiency GRO Membrane integrates a 100% dry membrane to help maximize its lifespan and provide enhanced performance to the end user while saving 50% of water compared to other reverse osmosis systems.
  • Fleck 5800 valve series - For residential applications, these flexible valves are versatile and user friendly with two new hydraulic bases and a new touchscreen timer.
  • Scan & Service smartphone app - Based on the technology of augmented reality, this new app allows installers to learn product details and specifications simply by scanning a special sticker on the product with their own smartphone.

Source: Pentair