Floating Fine Bubble System Reduces Odor in Emergency Incident

Oct. 27, 2015
Cleaning products manufacturer resolves short-term air quality problem with fine bubble aeration system

Mapal Green Energy floating fine bubble aeration system (FFBA), used in both industrial and utility water purification works around the world, including by companies such as Thames Water, has proved its worth at a detergent intermediate and cleaning materials manufacturer in Israel.

Zohar Dalia is the country’s largest manufacturer of cleaning products, generating significant quantities of wastewater each year. Following above average rainfall this year, the company found itself facing overfull reservoirs and a build-up of odor in the local atmosphere.

Using Mapal’s Emergency Deployment Oxidation System (EDOS), the company was able to overcome the short-term air quality problem, while the reservoir was allowed to drain back to a more stable level.

"Due to particularly heavy rainfall, we could not drain our reservoir quickly enough and as a result we had a serious odor problem because of standing water,” said Ori Bar, manager of industrial and environmental services for Zohar Dalia. “Installing Mapal's system solved the problem and eliminated the odors. We are extremely pleased with the solution and services provided by Mapal"

“Our EDOS system is designed for just such instances—a short-term environmental emergency, where a quick, economic and effective solution is needed to protect against lasting and more serious damage to the local environment," said Zeev Fisher, Mapal's CEO.

Deployed in wastewater treatment plants, the FFBA system, which is at the heart of the EDOS package, approaches the challenge of water oxygenation by marrying the strengths of surface aeration technology—easy to install and accessible for maintenance—with the efficiency which is derived from sub-surface fine bubble aeration systems.

Mapal FFBA technology is currently used in the U.K. by Thames Water, the U.K.’s biggest water company, United Utilities, and Anglian Water, and in industry by companies in the pulp and paper and food manufacturing sectors.

Source: Mapal Green Energy

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
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