U.S. Water Forms Strategic Partnership with Allete

Feb. 11, 2015
The partnership will help grow U.S. Water's footprint in the power sector

U.S. Water Services Inc., a provider of integrated water treatment solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Allete, a mid-sized energy company based in Duluth, Minn.   

In business for more than 100 years, Allete is predominantly a regulated utility through Minnesota Power, Superior Water, Light & Power and an investment in the American Transmission Co. Allete’s infrastructure and related services businesses include Allete Clean Energy, BNI and now U.S. Water Services Inc.

Allete Clean Energy has a growing portfolio of wind generating facilities and U.S. Water will represent a key growth platform providing an integrated water management approach to a growing base of industrial and commercial customers.

“We are excited to be forging a relationship between two strong companies that have great potential for growth and profitability,” said Allete CEO Al Hodnik.

In addition to helping grow U.S. Water’s footprint in power, a key growth segment for the future, the strategic partnership between Allete and U.S. Water will provide U.S. Water access to additional capital and resources. U.S. Water customers will not see any change that will impact their day-to-day operations and can still expect to receive the same level of service, quality and integrated offerings.

“Allete, like U.S. Water, strongly believes in the water/energy nexus which makes partnering with them an ideal opportunity to better support and bring value to our customers as well as continue our growth path forward,” said U.S. Water CEO Allan Bly said. “Our path and what we do has not changed, Allete has just expanded our ability to be able to do it.”

Source: U.S. Water

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