H2O Innovation Completes Ohio Drinking Water Project

Feb. 6, 2015
In addition to the drinking water system, the company will also provide remote monitoring & green chemicals for the plant

H2O Innovation Inc. completed the commissioning of one of its largest drinking water projects to date, designed for the city of Delaware, Ohio. The company will provide continuous support to the city with its proprietary remote monitoring solution SPMC (System Performance Monitoring Center). The city also selected the green chemistry of Professional Water Technologies (PWT) to operate the plant.

The water treatment system, designed by H2O Innovation in collaboration with AECOM Technology Corp., produces 7 million gal per day (mgd) of drinking water. The system is comprised of three ultrafiltration (UF) trains and five nanofiltration (NF) trains treating water from two different raw water supply sources.

To provide its customers with sufficient potable water, the city pumps water from the Olentangy River and also from groundwater wells. To treat the river water, an existing flocculation and sedimentation system provides pretreatment to three new UF trains followed by three new NF trains. The net capacity of the surface water treatment system is 4.5 mgd.

The groundwater source, which contains iron, manganese and hardness, requires a different treatment process that consists of greensand filtration followed by two new NF trains. The groundwater treatment system has a capacity of 2.5 mgd. The treated surface water and groundwater streams are ultimately blended prior to pumping to the distribution system. By providing engineered process design for each raw water source, membrane fouling is minimized.

H2O Innovation provides monitoring and performance analysis in real time for the city. Through its remote monitoring solution developed in-house, the company’s process engineers and service team can assist the operators in their daily tasks as they learn the ins and outs of this new UF-NF treatment system. SPMC also enables the operators to have remote access to the HMI, to receive alarm notifications on their smartphones and to get process recommendations, such as the scheduling of the next membrane cleaning.

After a careful evaluation, the city decided to procure H2O Innovation’s complete line of specialty chemicals—called PWT—for membrane scale inhibition and cleaning using phosphate-free antiscalant.

“Through its experience in membrane system design, fabrication and commissioning, its monitoring solution SPMC and its PWT specialty chemicals, H2O Innovation shows its ability to provide safe and integrated water treatment solutions and outstanding customer care in order to secure long-term relationships,” said Frédéric Dugré, president and CEO of H2O Innovation.

The design and construction phases were executed in accordance with the city’s expectations and requirements and H2O Innovation was able to secure a long-term service agreement.

“H2O Innovation was truly a great company to work with they delivered a system of high quality and we are really pleased with the results,” said Brad Stanton, the city’s public utilities director.

Source: H2O Innovation

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