World Water Works to Provide Deammonification System for DC Water

Aug. 14, 2014
The system provides high-volume nitrogen removal with low energy usage

The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority – Blue Plains (DC Water) has selected World Water Works Inc. to provide its Demon technology. Once installed, it will represent the largest operating Anammox based treatment system in the world.

The new Demon treatment system, a deammonification process, removes nitrogen from water at a lower consumption of energy and chemicals compared to the traditional nitrogen removal processes. This application of Demon technology, part of a new solids processing facility at DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, provides a rapid return on investment and aids in the ability for DC Water to implement other processes such as CAMBI.

“We are very excited about this process selection. DC Water has been very pro-active in carefully researching, methodically testing and then implementing groundbreaking technologies. Their leadership and others like them are helping to drive innovation in our market,” said Mark Fosshage, president of World Water Works Inc.

The Demon technology uses a patented and patent-pending biological process to remove high amounts of nitrogen from water. This technology uses 60% less energy and produces 90% less sludge than traditional nitrogen removal processes, and unlike these technologies, does not require the use of methanol. A biomass separation device maintains appropriate levels of both ammonia oxidizing bacteria and anaerobic ammonium oxidizing (anammox) bacteria, both of which are key to the low-energy, no chemical deammonification process. This leads to greater system reliability and reduced maintenance.

Source: World Water Works