McElroy Launches QuickCamp System

March 4, 2014
Shelter and pipe-handling system makes pipe fusions possible even in extreme weather

Pipeline projects can be delayed significantly or completely shut down by severe weather. But those obstacles can be overcome with McElroy’s new QuickCamp System.

The QuickCamp System allows operators to butt-fuse polyethylene pipe from 8-in. IPS to 36-in. OD (225 mm to 900 mm) day or night within a lighted, insulated and climate-controlled enclosure when conditions are too wet, windy, hot or cold to complete the task outdoors. A single operator can load and align pipe by remote control from inside the shelter with the MegaMc PolyHorse, allowing for increased productivity even in bad weather.

The heated and air-conditioned QuickCamp shelter protects the fusion joint from the elements and keeps the operator comfortable and focused on the work at hand. The QuickCamp also makes it much easier to fuse in accordance with ASTM standards, which require special provisions when butt-fusing in subzero weather, and it is a vast improvement over common provisions such as tents, hot air devices and heating blankets.

The QuickCamp shelter is a 20-ft-by-8-ft container that folds out into a 21-ft, 8-in.-by-24-ft, 7-in. shelter housing a hydraulically powered 1236/900 or 824/630 fusion carriage. Two people can set it up easily and quickly. There is enough extra space inside for an office, a break room or storage of extra gear. It also includes electrical outlets to power personal equipment.

The fusion carriage can be moved by up to 18 in. so that the pipe ends can be adjusted for proper faceoff when pulling pipe through the shelter. It can also slide out of the shelter for in-ditch use or fusing stub ends and fittings.

The QuickCamp System includes the QuickCamp shelter housing a 1236/900 or 824/630 fusion carriage, MegaMc PolyHorse, MegaMc rollers and pipe stands. The shelter can be purchased separately. More information is available at

Source: McElroy Manufacturing Inc.

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