Siemens Chlorine Disinfection Reaches Centennial Milestone

Sept. 5, 2013
The first commercially-produced gas chlorinator was installed in a public drinking water system in 1913 by Wallace & Tiernan

Siemens Water Technologies is marking the 100-year anniversary of the first chlorine gas metering unit for water disinfection, a milestone in the fight against waterborne disease.

The first commercially-produced gas chlorinator installed in a public drinking water system in 1913 by Wallace & Tiernan, now a Siemens Water Technologies company, changed the way the world fought water-borne diseases which killed nearly 30,000 people per year in the 1900s in the United States alone.

The technology soon expanded globally and the Siemens Water Technologies Wallace & Tiernan brand of chlorinators continues to offer a range of products to meet the needs of municipal, industrial and aquatics customers today. Chlorination is used throughout a range of operations, including waterworks, swimming pools, power generation, sewage treatment, food processing and industrial applications.

“The use of chlorine in water treatment has arguably done more to safeguard the health of the world than any other development,” said Dr. Lukas Loeffler, Siemens Water Technologies CEO. “To this day, chlorination in general is still the most widely used disinfection method internationally and we continue to develop it and other water and wastewater treatment technologies to ensure safe drinking water, clean process water for industry and a healthy environment.” 

Source: Siemens Water Technologies