WesTech to Supply the Largest Compressible Media Filter in the World

Sept. 26, 2012
Installation will begin in Springfield, Ohio in 2013

WesTech Eng. Inc., through its subsidiary WWETCO, was selected by Black & Veatch and the City of Springfield, Ohio, to design and manufacture the largest compressible media filter in the world. Installation of 100 million gal per day WWETCO FlexFilter will begin at the Springfield Wastewater Treatment Plant in Springfield, Ohio, in 2013.

The FlexFilter will contain nearly 20,000 cu ft of compressible media and will be used 20 to 30 times a year as part of a high-rate treatment facility to treat CSO events. This process will extend the performance capability of the Springfield Wastewater Treatment Plant so that CSO flows will not have to be directed to bypass the facility, enhancing the environmental health of the nearby Mad River.

“The City of Springfield selected the FlexFilter because this design requires very little operator attention or maintenance,” said John Gottschall, general manager and vice president of WWETCO. “Plant operators have enough to do during high flow events. They want a technology they can rely upon. The FlexFilter requires no chemical use and produces a high quality effluent at 85% solids removal or better.” 

Source: WesTech Eng.