Veolia Wins Two Awards at AquaTech China

June 7, 2012
AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology wins for Best Innovation and Carbon Footprint Reduction Program first runner-up in Best Wastewater Solution Contest

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies won two awards at Aquatech China, a trade event for the process, drinking and wastewater technology sectors.

As part of the show's Innovation Contest, the AnoxKaldnes MBBR biofilm technology was crowned Best Innovation and Veolia's Carbon Footprint Reduction Program emerged as first runner-up at the Best Wastewater Solution Contest.

AnoxKaldnes MBBR is an efficient and compact wastewater treatment technology that operates as a fixed-film process without activated sludge. In this technology, specially engineered plastic carriers coated with biofilm are suspended in a reactor. This provides a large surface area for effluent exposure to biofilm, which is coated with different microorganisms that work to trap sewage. One of the greatest benefits that AnoxKaldnes MBBR brings to end-users is its ability to be easily integrated into existing infrastructure without an increase in footprint. The technology is widely used in industrial and municipal applications for organic-matter removal, nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal.

Veolia has put in place a Carbon Footprint Reduction Program which drives innovation and accelerates adoption and development of clean technologies for water treatment. This corporate-wide program has been implemented along with procedures, systems and key performance indicators, which ensure continuous development of technologies designed to meet the municipal and industrial customers' environmental and financial goals.

As part of the nomination process of the Best Innovation and Best Wastewater Solution contests, an expert panel of judges selected solutions of world-class standards. Professionals in the water industry then voted for innovations that they deemed the most deserving of the awards.

Laurent CUNY, vice-president, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, China Industrial said, "It is indeed an honor to have industry experts and professionals lending their weight to recognize Veolia's innovations and initiatives towards sustainable manufacturing. We look forward to providing the industry with even more cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions for water and wastewater treatment in China."

Source: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

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