Sorubin Files Patent for Aerator

April 30, 2012
Microluft aerator found to be fully functional in unfiltered wastewater

Sorubin, a supplier of energy-efficient aeration products for water treatment, has developed its Microluft aerator to be fully operational in unfiltered wastewater. This means pumping fibers (hair and fabric) and various solid objects without operational failure or clogging. Tests at a wastewater plant in northern Sweden support these results. A patent application has been filed for the new modified version of Microluft.

Sorubin recently finalized a three-month test-drive with a new version of its bottom-mounted aerator, Microluft. The hydraulics of Microluft were modified to make it able to handle all things normally found in unfiltered wastewater: fiber-clots “rags” and solid objects like hygiene products. The wear plate also features a completely new element - “shredding slots”.

The tests were carried out at UMEVA’s wastewater treatment plant in Gravmark in northern Sweden. It showed that the new version of Microluft was able to operate and aerate unfiltered wastewater without clogging the aerator. The aerator’s functionality was not affected by the contents of the water. All fibrous and solid objects simply passed through the Microluft and into the sedimentation tank. The results also showed significant shredding of both fibers and solids.

A patent application has been filed by Sorubin for this modified version of Microluft. The company expects this invention to also have an impact on the pumping industry. The clogging problems in unfiltered wastewater have several different solutions that require support systems of various kinds (shearing knives, retractable impellers, backing programs, etc.) and Sorubin’s technical solution is potentially the first non-clogging wastewater pumping solution that does not require a support system to remain clog-free.

Microluft is a bottom-mounted aerator that entrains atmospheric air to the bottom of dams and ponds by creating a vortex in a pipe. At the bottom, the air reaches the specially designed impeller that disperses the air as very fine bubbles into the surrounding water. The high-yielding oxygen transfer rate per energy unit is many times higher than for incumbent aerator technologies. This means that the Microluft is highly energy efficient.

“With our further developed Microluft, we can now provide energy-effective aeration, also in very difficult waters. In the summer we are scheduled to start looking for a partner to bring Sorubin’s new, non-clogging technology to the wastewater pump industry”, said Stefan Sandström, CEO of Sorubin.

Source: Sorubin

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
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