Norwegian Meat Processor Exceeds Wastewater Treatment Limitations

April 13, 2012
Achieved levels by updating existing facilities

Wastewater from a meat processing plant is a complex mixure of all sorts, containing excrements, blood, cleaning and flushing water as well as wastewater from hygiene systems.  Nordfjord Kjott in Stryn, Norway was no different.  Nordfjord was having compliance issues with effluent equivalent to the sewage of 35,000 inhabitants being discharged to the municipality. In addition, the processing plant is located in a fragile ecosystem.  A fjord is situated closeby and is a site of national value and world heritage status.

After trying a variety of wastewater treatment options, Nordfjord Kjott decided on the Biowater CMFF. The Biowater CMFF process reduces the effluent by 90% so it is now discharging the equivalent of the sewage of 3,500 inhabitants to the municipality.  The processor now exceeds legislative demands all while using the tankage they already had. The company can now focus on making its meats because of the minimal operator attention that is necessary to run the plant.

Source: Biowater Technology