3M Doubles Number of Products Available in Online Store

April 13, 2012
Liqui-Cel online now more expansive in response to customer requests

3M has expanded the Liqui-Cel online membrane contactor store that was launched in January 2012 at the request of customers wanting to purchase a greater variety of degassing products online. The expansion doubles the number of products available for purchase at the online store.The products added include select Liqui-Cel 2.5 x 8, 4 x 13 and 4 x 28-in. products. The 8 x 20-in. membrane contactor, launched in May of 2011, is also now available for online purchase.
Until the website expansion, only products with small flow rates were available online to accommodate customers that wanted a quick method of ordering degassing or debubbling products and did not require assistance with installation. Allen Pittman, vice president for Liqui-Cel membrane contactors states, “The online membrane contactor store has been very well-received by our valued customers and has proven to be a greater success than anticipated. While we initially only featured products with small flow rates, customers have been asking us to make additional products available since the store launched.  We have quickly responded and taken the next logical step in our development of the Liqui-Cel Store.”
Liqui-Cel membrane contactors offer a modular degassing option that can be put in virtually any area. They are rapidly replacing older deaeration technologies as the product of choice in digital printing, analytical/biotechnology, semiconductor, power, pharmaceutical, photographic, food and beverage and many other industries.

Source: 3M

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
All images courtesy of Ecosorb.