New Studies Demonstrate Improved Collection System for Odor, Corrosion Control

Feb. 15, 2012

Automated systems use sustainable means for elimination of odor and corrosion

Anue Water Technologies Inc. has unveiled the FORSe 5TM series of high efficiency odor and corrosion control technology for wastewater collection systems. These automated systems use sustainable means for the elimination of the source and production of odor and corrosion. Systems integrate onsite oxygen and ozone generation, a proprietary hydrodynamic infusion process and microprocessor control, in a quiet and compact package to treat force mains, lift stations or combinations of the two.

Through dozens of successful pilots, some under extremes of temperature and hydrogen sulfide concentrations, the systems have consistently demonstrated their improved ability for advanced performance coupled with an attractive return on investment. More specifically, significant reductions to sulfide concentrations with accompanying increases to dissolved oxygen are clearly evidenced when compared to conventional, liquid phase chemical treatments.

Additionally, financial analysis repeatedly reveals that an investment in a system will yield a quickly realized break-even point and a substantial return on investment. Therefore, users can expect improved performance and lower operations costs.

Systems include a range of models with capacities sized to meet the varied demands of collection system flows and loads. They are designed for ease of use and limited maintenance. These quiet running systems have a small footprint with minimal site space requirements, especially when compared to extraction systems or chemical storage tanks. Therefore, costs associated with site preparation and construction are not generally a factor, making installation inexpensive and fast.

Source: Anue Water Technologies Inc.