Dow Introduces Adsorbsia Titanium-Based Adsorbent Media at WQA Aquatech Show

April 5, 2005
New arsenic removal product will help customers achieve EPA compliance

The Dow Chemical Company launched ADSORBSIA, a new arsenic removal media that offers improved performance and cost advantages over traditional iron oxide-based adsorbent media, at this year’s WQA Aquatech show in Las Vegas, Nev. Now available in North America, ADSORBSIA is designed to help municipalities comply with pending EPA regulations which will require municipal drinking water in the U.S. to have arsenic levels below 10 parts per billion (ppb), down substantially from the currently acceptable level of 50 ppb. The new regulation goes into effect in 2006.

"We expect ADSORBSIA titanium-based media to quickly become the standard for municipalities as they seek to meet the new EPA regulation," said Dan Rice, project manager, Liquid Separations New Business Development. "Dow’s world class product development capabilities were able to leverage the unique properties of titanium to offer performance far superior to traditional adsorbent media. The combination of high capacity and superior kinetics make ADSORBSIA media cost effective, in terms of both initial capital cost and ongoing operations and maintenance expenses. Adding this line of media to Dow’s portfolio is one more way we can deliver on our commitment to help our customers deliver the highest quality water at the lowest total cost."

ADSORBSIA has improved capabilities over iron oxide-based media, which include a Nanocrystalline structure that results in faster kinetics, allowing for smaller diameter vessels and a smaller system footprint. ADSORBSIA is also the highest capacity media in a wide range of water conditions and features a dry, white granule that is easily installed and maintained. It removes both As(V) and As(III) without pretreatment, is effective across a wide pH range, and exhibits a stable performance during pH fluctuations. It is available in powder form.

The high capacity of ADSORBSIA media makes it an ideal, non-regenerable single-use product; a convenience for small or mid-sized systems. It offers an affordable, easy to operate approach, especially for small or mid-sized systems. Eliminating regeneration means avoiding the hassles and cost of chemical storage and usage while eliminating waste stream disposal issues. ADSORBSIA media has a strong affinity for arsenic that allows the media to maintain a strong hold on the removed arsenic, allowing for easier and safer disposal. ADSORBSIA media also features a longer useful life than traditional adsorbent media, for a more productive, cost-advantaged operation.

Source: The Dow Chemical Company

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