HI Enlists Participants to Review ANSI-Approved Draft of Controlled Volume Metering Pumps

Feb. 18, 2005

The Hydraulic Institute (HI), under the approval of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is seeking qualified individuals to participate in the review process of a newly completed standard for the definition, application, installation, operation and maintenance of Controlled Volume Metering Pumps.

The scope of the Controlled Volume Metering Pump Standard is limited to positive displacement metering pumps, including, but not limited to, the following:

* Hydraulic Coupled Disc Diaphragm;

* Hydraulic Coupled Tubular Diaphragm;

* Mechanical Coupled Disc Diaphragm;

* Electromagnetic Drive;

* Reciprocating Air Drive;

* Packed Plunger; and

* Piston.

"This standard has been dramatically updated and revised, improving material quality, organization, and readability," explained Gregg Romanyshyn, Technical Director for HI. Romanyshyn noted several significant highlights and additions to the standard, including:

* Expanded illustrations and graphical content;

* Several new styles of controlled volume metering pumps;

* Revised content and layout;

* Updated applications section;

* New section dedicated to operating principals; and

* Clarified Troubleshooting Guide.

Individuals and organizations directly and materially affected by this standard are asked to contact HI. These parties include pump users and specifiers, producers, standards developers, government agencies, and general interest groups. HI is currently assembling a canvass list of all interested parties who wish to review the drafts and will submit the list to ANSI in order to meet its open canvass requirements.

Source: HI