Earth Tech Selected as Major Subcontractor for Iraqi Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Projects

Jan. 21, 2005
Latest project comes as company completes military base work

Earth Tech Inc. has been named a major subcontractor providing engineering and technical services for a series of design/build drinking water, wastewater and solid waste treatment facilities - in northern and southern Iraq.

As a major subcontractor on the project, Earth Tech is positioned to receive a significant number of task orders for services, including procurement, inspection, permitting, demolition, renovation, reconstruction, rehabilitation, construction, operations and maintenance, as well as training Iraqis to assume management of the plants.

The work is part of $1.1 billion in aggregate contracts awarded to FluorAMEC LCC, a joint venture company, by the U.S. government in Iraq. The construction phase of the projects will extend into 2008.

"Our experience working in Iraq last year will be an important asset in helping the U.S. government rebuild the infrastructure of the country," said Alan Krusi, Earth Tech president. "In addition, this project supports our key strategies to enhance our relationship with the U.S. government and to leverage our global water capabilities."

Earth Tech's assignment to rebuild water and waste facilities in Iraq is the second project the company has had in the country. Last January, Earth Tech was selected as the prime contractor for a $65 million project to rebuild and refurbish existing buildings and infrastructure on a formerly abandoned Iraqi military base and construct new facilities as part of an Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence Worldwide Environmental Restoration & Construction contract.

Source: ET