USFilter to Receive Patent for Midas Odor Control Media Activated Carbon

Nov. 24, 2004

USFilter Corporation recently received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Midas® OCM (Odor Control Media) activated carbon. This pending patent describes an innovative media used in conventional deep bed carbon adsorber odor abatement systems to eliminate nuisance odors associated with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and organics. The OCM adsorbs the odorous compounds as contaminated air passes over the carbon. It can be successfully used in any deep bed adsorber application where virgin, impregnated or water-wash carbons are currently used.

The Midas OCM has three to six times the H2S adsorption capacity of any other carbon currently on the market. The media removes more than 99 percent of H2S from the air, and converts that H2S directly to molecular sulfur. The media's catalytic reaction to convert H2S to sulfur increases the media's H2S loading capacity, which in turn, results in the material lasting much longer before requiring replacement. Its extraordinarily high H2S capacity makes the Midas OCM's operating costs lower than those of comparable media.

Compared to leading granular alkali or catalytic carbons, the media's 4 mm diameter pelletized shape exhibits significantly lower pressure drop when used in a deep bed adsorber. This lower pressure drop recently saved a southwestern company from having to make costly upgrades to its electrical system that would otherwise have been required by a system with a higher pressure drop.

Being a non-alkali impregnated odor control media, the OCM is much safer to load, start up and remove from the adsorber system. It does not have a dangerous pH problem when spent like other odor control carbons and can therefore be treated as non-hazardous at the end of its service cycle. The carbon also resists dust formation during loading and use, and its high ignition temperature significantly reduces concerns of media bed fires often associated with impregnated carbons.

"Midas OCM has revolutionized odor control media," says Dr. James R. Graham, technical director for USFilter Westates Carbon. According to Dr. Graham, the carbon's high ignition temperature and its selective catalytic properties minimize sulfuric acid formation and eliminate significant problems typically associated with traditional odor control media.

Source: USFilter - A Siemens Company

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
All images courtesy of Ecosorb.