Contaminated Water Drinkable in Seconds

Aug. 16, 2004
The Vortex Water Machine, a portable water purification unit utilizes a patented, five-step photo-oxidation process that delivers over 99 percent pure, oxygenated drinking water

In an effort to address the overwhelming need for affordable, non-contaminated drinking water in both the United States and developing countries, a Prescott, Arizona resident and inventor Rolf Englehard teamed with world-renowned chemist Dr. Howard Malmstadt and developed the Vortex Water Machine-a portable water purification unit that utilizes a patented, five-step photo-oxidation process that delivers over 99 percent pure, oxygenated drinking water.

According to Dr. Charles P. Gerba, professor of Environmental Microbiology, Departments of Microbiology and Immunology and Soil, Water and Environmental Science of the University of Arizona and member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Committee on the development of the Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers, the Vortex Water Machine "passed our preliminary EPA protocol faster than any other machine that we tested over the years."

"With the severe drought in the Southwest, consumers need to know that much of their drinking water has contaminants and many filtration systems either don't work or produce an inordinate amount of wastewater," said inventor Rolf Englehard. "Reverse osmosis units produce 3-10 gal. of wastewater for every gallon of drinking water produced. Holding tanks are subject to extraordinary bacteria growth and bottled water is only as good as its source. Water resources are dwindling and almost all water supplies are contaminated. The need for a water portable water purification unit that works has become more urgent."

The point-of-use Vortex Water Machine reproduces the same natural water purification process used in mother nature-photo oxidation. Photo oxidation occurs when ozone is catalyzed by ultra-violet light, creating a lethal environment for contaminates that is up to 30,000 times more powerful than chlorine. In combination with photo oxidation, Vortex Water Machine uses micro-filtration and post filter purification to destroy all contaminants and deliver pure water straight from the tap with little power usage and no waste. It can be easily installed above or below counter with a dedicated faucet or can be wall mounted.

The need for clean, uncontaminated water is predicted to become more urgent as the years pass. According to Dr. Rita Colwell, director of the National Science Foundation, during her lecture at the National Academy of Science, "In the year 2000, 1.1 billion people lacked safe water." She added that "water use is expected to increase by 40 percent over the next two decades."

Currently, the Vortex Water Machine is used by Safe Harbor Ministries in the Sudan; Living Waters, an orphanage in Tanzania; Youth With A Mission and orphanages in Borneo.

Source: Vortex International

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