Breakthrough in Mold Remediation Technology Unveiled

April 13, 2004
Fungicidal Coating EPA-Registered To Kill Residual Mold

Fiberlock Technologies, Inc., a leader in environmental bioscience technology, announced EPA registration for AfterShock™, a revolutionary antimicrobial coating that kills residual mold remaining after precleaning contaminated surfaces. AfterShock also inhibits the future growth and spread of mold and mildew on the surface in residential and institutional buildings. Most fungicidal coatings prevent the growth or spread of microorganisms on the surface of the cured coating, but Aftershock goes a step further by actually killing residual mold. No other coating has been registered to make that claim.

"Mold contamination is an increasingly problematic and costly issue for insurance companies, property owners and remediation professionals," says Joseph Connor, president and CEO, Fiberlock Technologies. "We saw a growing demand for a high-quality, multipurpose product that would provide antimicrobial and mold prevention needs in one application, with economic benefits for all parties involved. As a result, AfterShock was developed and is now the first EPA-registered coating that kills residual mold after pre-cleaning and prevents future mold growth simultaneously."

AfterShock is an extremely durable, easy to apply, 100% acrylic sealant that offers the ultimate in strength in combination with excellent fungicidal characteristics to address mold growth from water damage. It is recommended for use on interior wall surfaces such as plaster, wallboard, drywall, concrete, masonry block, wood, primed metal and galvanized metal. AfterShock also is recommended for use on interior wood framing, primed metal, concrete and wallboard inside wall cavities.

Source: PAN Communications