Research Foundation Seeks Proposals for Research Projects

Feb. 25, 2004
21 Projects and More Than $6 Million in Funding Available

The Awwa Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the science of drinking water, is requesting proposals for 21 research projects scheduled to be launched in 2004. The projects, with more than $6 million in funding available, focus on a wide range of topics related to the drinking water community.

Requests for proposals (RFPs) for the projects will be available on the Foundation's Web site on March 12 at

The projects are categorized into the Foundation's four strategic goal areas: efficient and customer-responsive organization, environmental leadership, high-quality water, and infrastructure reliability. According to Jim Manwaring, executive director of AwwaRF, the topics selected for study in 2004 reflect those that Foundation subscribers and others in the water supply community say are their most challenging.

"Each year we target the most salient topics for the water industry based on input from our members, leading professionals in the field, and the results of prior research," Manwaring said. "Our studies provide knowledge that utilities and other water professionals can apply to continuously enhance operations and improve drinking water quality."

Proposals submitted in response to an RFP must be postmarked by either May 7 or July 15, as specified in each RFP. All projects, unless otherwise indicated, must include 25 percent of the total project budget as in-kind or cash contribution. In-kind contributions can be in the form of labor, materials, or laboratory and other services, and may come from project participants such as water utilities, consulting firms, and universities. For each project, an appointed project advisory committee will evaluate proposals based on responsiveness to the RFP, scientific and technical merit, and qualifications of the researchers.

A complete list of the projects for which proposals are being requested, categorized by the strategic goal area, is below.

Efficient and Customer-Responsive Organization

Costs & Benefits of Complete Water Treatment Plant Automation (RFP 3019)

• Update of the Past Foundation Project Titled "Strategic Assessment of the Future of Water Utilities" (RFP 3023)

Environmental Leadership

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs):  Water Utility Issues and Regulatory Controls (RFP 3020)

• Design, Operation, and Maintenance Considerations for Sustainable Underground Storage Facilities (RFP 3034)

• Desalination Product Water Recovery and Concentrate Volume Minimization (RFP 3030)

• Watermilfoil Scoping Study:  Impacts on the Water Supply Industry (RFP 3024)

High Quality Water

Comprehensive Review of Methods, Occurrence, and Treatment of Endocrine-Disrupting and Pharmaceutically Active Compounds, and Personal Care Products in Drinking Water (RFP 3033)

• Decision-Making Tool for Taste-and-Odor Control (RFP 3032)

• Detection of Infectious Cryptosporidium in Filtered Drinking Water (RFP 3021)

•Development of an Infectivity Assay for Human Calicivirus in Cells (RFP 3027)

• Evaluation of Disinfection Practices For DBP and Precursor Occurrence in Consecutive Systems (RFP 3026)

• Evaluation of Gross Alpha and Uranium Measurements for MCL Compliance (RFP 3028)

• Improved Mycobacterium Avium Complex Detection Methods (RFP 3016)

• Methodologies For Assessing and Improving Water Quality Sampling Programs in Drinking Water Distribution Systems (RFP 3017)

• Occurrence and Formation of Nitrogenous Disinfection By-Products (RFP 3014)

• Occurrence, Treatment, and Evaluation of Analytical Methods of Waterborne Adenoviruses(RFP 3029)

• Workshop to Evaluate the State-of-Science in All Aspects of Bromate Toxicity Including the Mechanism of Cancer Induction by Bromate (RFP 3025)

Infrastructure Reliability

Contribution of Service Line and Plumbing Fixtures to Lead and Copper Rule Issues (RFP 3018)

• Cross-Connection and Backflow Vulnerability: Monitoring and Detection (RFP 3022)

• Identification of Health Impacts Associated with Cross Connection Events (RFP 3031)

• Nonuniform Corrosion in Copper Piping -- Assessment (RFP 3015)

The Awwa Research Foundation is a member-supported, international, nonprofit organization that sponsors research to enable water utilities, public health agencies and other professionals to provide safe and affordable drinking water to consumers. With close to 1,000 subscriber members in the U.S. and abroad, the Foundation has funded and managed more than 700 projects valued at more than $290 million. More information on the Awwa Research Foundation is available at

Source: Awwa Research Foundation

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