The Latest in Toilet Technology

Jan. 22, 2004
How to Flush Fewer Dollars Down Your Drain

Water is a precious resource, and most people don't realize that the biggest water-gulpers in their homes are the toilets. Toilets actually account for more than one-third of the water used in the home. This week, homebuilders from around the world will get a first look at the latest in home water conservation -- a toilet that uses less water but that still meets consumers' number one requirement: a toilet that doesn't plug.

The new Cimarron Comfort Height toilet represents the future in plumbing technology and is featured at this year's International Builders Show in Las Vegas. The toilet uses less water than many other low-flow toilets currently on the market. The revolutionary flushing technology -- named "Class Five" after the most powerful category of whitewater rapids -- conserves water while delivering a flush so powerful that it eliminates the hassles of plugged toilets and second flushes. The toilet features a three-and-a quarter inch flush valve -- the largest in the industry.

The Cimarron saves over two thousand gallons of water a year for a family of four. The toilets are easy to install, taking up a third less time than standard toilets, and come in updated styles and colors.

Source: Kohler

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