N. Ireland Water Chief Announces $92M Spending Plan

Jan. 13, 2004

Northern Ireland's Department of Regional Development Water Service has announced a plan to spend £50.8m ($92M US) over the next three years. They presented their capital works program to Castlereagh Borough Council yesterday.

"Water Service is embarking on a major £505m program of water and sewerage infrastructure projects over the next three years throughout Northern Ireland," said Eastern Division client services manager, Peter McClelland.

"However, sustained investment of £3 billion over the next 20 years is required to protect public health, meet European standards on water quality, respond to increasing demand, and upgrade infrastructure."

According to McClelland, projects underway include the provision of the new Silent Valley Water Treatment Works located south of Ballynahinch at a cost of £23m.

Referring specifically to the water distribution system, McClelland reported that £382,000 has been allocated for the replacement of watermains which will improve water quality of the area.

Mr McClelland added: "An overall assessment of the complete water distribution network is ongoing to bring forward a prioritized program of further watermain replacement schemes over the next few years."

Source: The Belfast Telegraph