The Taron activated sludge filter meets strict TP and TN limits

Oct. 9, 2023
Xylem announced the launch of the Sanitaire Taron activated sludge filter, which can achieve TSS of less than 5 mg/L to meet the strict requirements of total phosphorus and total nitrogen imposed by permitting agencies across the U.S.

For Xylem, 2023 has been a year of big change. In February, the company announced its $7.5 billion acquisition of Evoqua, and just two weeks prior to WEFTEC, Xylem CEO Patrick Decker announced his retirement at the end of the year.

Starting January 1, 2034, current Chief Operations Officer Matthew Pine will lead the helm of Xylem as CEO. Wastewater Digest Editorial Director Bob Crossen interviewed Pine at WEFTEC about his transition into the role, trends he is recognizing in the market place, and how he will shepherd the company into its next chapter.

In addition to the succession plan, Xylem announced two new products at the show from two of its subsidiary brands: Sanitaire and Flygt.

Sanitaire Taron activated sludge filter

The Taron activated sludge filter can be installed directly into the sludge to increase hydraulic capacity of the handling tank while also removing suspended solids. In their testing, Xylem engineers and scientists have found this filter can achieve total suspended solids of less than 5 mg/L, making it an ideal solutions for utilities dealing with stricter nutrient limits — specifically total phosphorus and total nitrogen — from their local and state permitting agencies. 

Flygt MultiSmart powered by Nexicon

The Flygt MultiSmart powered by Nexicon is a modular pump station controller that provides flexibility for integrators, managers and operators. It is cybersecure and can monitor devices using a number of different modules that lock into place on the platform. When space runs out on a single platform, a second can be connected directly to it to increase the capacity of modules, meaning the device can scale to any size needed by a utility.

Xylem emphasized its screens for showcasing the data that these modules are processing. The company aimed to create intuitive dashboards with large buttons and text so operators can see performance at a glance. Most importantly, they noted the screens and modules for the controller are brand-agnostic, meaning integrators can mix and match pumps, monitoring devices, sensors and other equipment and the MultiSmart will be able to read those inputs and publish the data on its live dashboards.

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