This wastewater drum screen has no trunnion wheels

Oct. 13, 2023
Duperon launched the Duperon Drum Screen at WEFTEC 23 in Chicago to address three primary challenges it heard from end users: chain and sprockets, trunnion wheels, and cleaning.

Duperon launched its new drum screen at WEFTEC 23 in Chicago that has no trunnion wheels.

Duperon Drum Screen

The unit was designed with the operator first in mind. The company had a handful of pilot units available for utilities to book at the show, and all of them were spoken for by the end of the first day of the show.

Three pain points for wastewater drum screen users

In their conversations with operators and utilities, they identified three core pain points for drum screen users:

  1. The chain and sprocket construction;
  2. The trunnion wheels common in drum screens; and 
  3. Cleaning and maintenance.

With these issues in mind, the company designed the Duperon Drum Screen to have no chain and sprocket, nor does it have trunnion wheels. On the outlet side of the drumscreen is a direct drive system to replace the chain and sprocket, and on the inlet side it has a water-lubricated bearing instead of a trunnion wheel.

To ease the maintenance, operators can lift the side panels up like gull wing doors to access the drum and perform cleaning and maintenance. Duperon President Mark Turpin noted that all maintenance and cleaning can be done at chest level, a final detail and consideration that was made to 

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