Model ORZ — automatic, self-cleaning screen filters

Sept. 22, 2023

Hydraulically driven automatic self-cleaning screen filters have been available for half a century. A key problem with these filters has been the immense amount of water required for the self-cleaning cycle. The new Orival Model ORZ overcomes this issue requiring only about 1/3 as much water for the screen cleaning process as other brands.

Orival filters remove inorganic and organic suspended solids — sand, algae, scale, floc, etc. down to micron size. These fully automatic self-cleaning filters provide uninterrupted downstream flow while cleaning themselves only when needed while utilizing only the line-pressure to power the cycle.

ORZ Series models are available with 2- to 24-inch connections and screen areas of up to 2,500 square inches. Screen elements are of either single layer woven construction or multi-layer construction with 316L stainless steel as the standard MOC and other alloys available for special applications. Filtration degrees are in the range of 5 to 3,000 microns.

Orival Water Filters | WEFTEC booth #1158