Biogas Desulfurization

Sept. 3, 2021

Highly Efficient H2S Removal from biogas at high uptime enables industries to meet stringent gas quality requirements.

The THIOPAQ® scrubber was developed by Paques, in cooperation with universities, research institutes and customers. It can be applied to a wide range of biogas streams containing H2S and can be combined with all biological anaerobic systems. The ‘caustic’ solution in the THIOPAQ® scrubber is continuously regenerated in a bioreactor, saving up to 90% on caustic consumption. The H2S removed from the biogas is transformed into elemental sulfur, which can be used as high-quality fertilizer.

Through continuous development Paques is able to provide every customer with a tailor-made gas treatment solution that enables the customer to produce biogas with a very low hydrogen sulfide content, and to fuel local gas-fired microgrids, or upgrade the gas to biomethane.


  • Proven technology, >30 years operational experience
  • >290 THIOPAQ® references worldwide
  • Continuous innovation
  • Deep H₂S removal (to <25 ppm)
  • High uptime and reliable process
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No air input into biogas
  • Production of high-quality fertilizer
  • No hazardous byproducts
  • For more information, visit Paques’ website.

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    Sept. 3, 2021