Control Your Valuable Water Resources

April 7, 2021

XiO’s Canal Gate Controller offers remote control and monitoring of canal gates through a web-based user interface for full-system visibility.


  • Automatic, responsive control of canal gates to maintain head, flow, level, gate position, and equipment conditions
  • Change gate position and set points remotely
  • Calculate flows throughout canal system


  • Pre-configured systems offer easy installation
  • Modular systems integrate easily with pumps, valves, tanks, and reservoirs for system-wide visibility
  • Cloud architecture bypasses traditional SCADA PLCs and servers, providing enhanced security from cyber threats
  • Cloud SCADA® User Interface remains up-to-date at all times — eliminating the high costs of software programming, system integration, support, and upgrades
  • Warnings and alarms by SMS text and email provide system visibility
  • Local control at all times — regardless of internet connectivity
  • Lower cost of ownership compared to traditional SCADA

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XiO, Inc.

March 15, 2021