Stabilize Variable Flows with the Proven FAST® Treatment Process

Jan. 7, 2021

Proven. Reliable. Simple. That’s what characterizes the patented Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment [FAST®] Process by Smith & Loveless. Proven in thousands of installations ranging from municipal and private development [on-site] applications to industrial and commercial sectors to specialized use in marine systems. Reliable because its stable process withstands hydraulic shock loads and prevents bacterial washouts. Simple operation & maintenance means no daily operator requirements and very little annual plant maintenance. FAST® achieves nutrient removal for applications containing high levels of nitrogen. S&L designs integral process zones or supplies EFFLOW™ & DGF filters for polishing when stringent effluent goals demand it.

FAST® Systems arrive at the job site as complete, factory-built units or as large components for easy field-assembly. FAST® can also retrofit into existing aeration tankage to boost capacity and/or  performance without expanding the plant. Best of all, each system is backed by Smith & Loveless and its 70-plus years of experience.

The FAST® System’s submerged media provides a high surface area-to-volume ratio, which translates into a significant increase in bacterial concentration for bio-degradation. Unlike conventional suspended growth systems, bacteria grow rapidly on the media while the liquid that evenly circulates through the media is essentially clear with low solids levels.

The effective sludge age for this system is quite long, generally 40 to 100 days or more, depending upon loading rates. This longer period enables the system to be responsive to colder climates and variable flow conditions—experienced in applications like schools and campgrounds— and even allow for periods of up to two weeks without flow. The effective mixed liquid suspended solids levels are in the range of 6000-10,000 mg/L.

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Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
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