Cleaning Up: Optimizing Turkey’s Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure for ISKI

April 30, 2020

Optimizing Turkey’s wastewater treatment infrastructure for ISKI.

Expanding Turkey’s wastewater treatment capability cost-effectively was a priority for ISKI. This high-profile project was an opportunity to set the standard for Turkey’s expanding wastewater infrastructure.

Cleaning up

As the largest public utility in Turkey, the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration, ISKI, is responsible for supplying clean water to and treating wastewater for, many of the capital city’s residents. Extending the Atakoy Wastewater Advanced Biological Treatment Plant to a capacity of 240,000m³ per day, equivalent to handling the water needs of 1.1 million people, was a decisive step in expanding and upgrading the country’s overall wastewater treatment capability. This meant any solution was under scrutiny.

A balancing act

The Atakoy project presented an opportunity for ISKI to explore new ways to monitor the flow of wastewater within the new treatment facility and to optimize the efficiency of its operations through accurate and consistent measurement. Solutions had to be cost-effective and robust, but at the same time ISKI were keen to take advantage of new smart technologies to ensure any upgrade had a positive effect on plant productivity and was also future-proof.

A smarter approach

ABB’s WaterMaster flowmeters provided a robust solution that met stringent international standards and could deliver a long, productive and maintenance-free asset life. Significantly, ABB also offered VeriMaster, a digital solution which helps customers quickly verify the accuracy of their flowmeters in-situ, ensuring that they maintain their desired performance levels, thereby minimizing process downtime and saving money. VeriMaster was easily integrated into ISKI’s existing systems at no additional cost and was compatible with existing devices.

ISKI’s choice was made easier by the fact that they had been using ABB’s measurement solutions for a number of years, noting their accuracy, ease of use and reliability

ABB’s flowmeters combine seamlessly with Verimaster software to offer improved functionality and monitoring capability across wastewater assets.

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