A Smart Injection to the Market by Seepex Inc.

Sept. 13, 2019

Seepex introduces Smart Air Injection (SAI) to the market this September at WEFTEC 2019, booth #821.

SAI is new to the environmental market, developed for highly viscous or dry materials. The system effectively conveys dewatered cake with solids content of 20% to 40% over long distances, eliminating the need for complex conveyor systems. This is achieved by pumping the cake into the discharge line and then transferring it with a compressed air system.

Reduced operating costs are realized with the absence of conveyor systems and due to SAI being a closed system, odor, soiled conveying lines and re-dilution problems are significantly minimized compared to other types of conveyors. Operating costs are further decreased due to the low pressure and friction levels of the system, extending the overall life of the pump.

The SAI system can be integrated into existing customer automation and control systems and is customized according to solids content, capacity and distance requirements. The system has a small footprint and low maintenance requirements due to Seepex’s Smart Conveying Technology (SCT).


Seepex Inc.

April 26, 2018