Wedeco SMOevo Series Ozone System

July 28, 2020

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The Wedeco SMOevo series ozone system combines flexibility and reliable operating characteristics for small to medium ozone capacities. The SMOevo and PDOevo series can be manufactured in two configurations to meet customers’ needs: the Greenline, with maximum energy efficiency and low lifecycle costs, or the cost-effective Smartline models. The latest evo electrode technology ensures minimal maintenance and a reduction in energy costs up to 20%.

The technology has benefits, that include:

  • A generator and power supply mounted on separate skids allowing for flexible installation;
  • Generators that can be arranged either vertically or horizontally;
  • Rapid ozone capacity control (from 1 to 100%) to suit process requirements;
  • Nitrogen dosing up to 30 times lower than alternate ozone technologies; and
  • Electrodes that are guaranteed for 10 years and do not require regular replacement or cleaning.

Xylem Inc.

April 26, 2018