HBS Screw Blower Fills Critical Niche for Mid-Size WWTPs

Jan. 13, 2021

Packages come fully assembled & features a full compliment of sensors.

Kaeser Compressors has expanded its screw blower product line with the HBS rotary screw blower. With flows from 1,412 to 5,650 cfm, these screw blower packages feature the Sigma Profile airend, zero-loss, direct drive technology and Sigma Frequency Control (variable frequency drive) for consistent, high energy efficiency across a wider range of flows than comparable screw and turbo blowers.  

Consistent with Kaeser’s other screw blowers, HBS rotary screw blowers arrive on site and completely assembled with inlet filters, silencers and a full soundproofing enclosure. This integrated design approach has time and again helped contractors and operators reduce installation time and errors that come with onsite integration. Furthermore, the compact footprint, easy maintenance access points and low maintenance requirements are designed with the treatment plant operator in mind for long after the installation is complete.

HBS blowers feature Kaeser’s Sigma Control 2 and a full complement of sensors to provide full visibility into its operational status, protect the machine, provide maintenance indicators and increase long-term reliability. Sigma Control 2 features broad communication capabilities, including remote monitoring and email notifications for service and alarms. HBS units can be seamlessly integrated into plants that implement Internet of Things, Industries 4.0 or Water 4.0 strategies.

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With this expansion, Kaeser now offers its screw blower technology to an even wider range of applications, with a range of sizes from 10 to 335 hp and flows from 81 to 5,650 cfm. These screw blowers are designed for wastewater aeration and other low-pressure applications where energy efficiency is critical. 

The performance of Kaeser’s blowers is listed according to ISO 1217, Annex B or E. Performance data is published as part of the Compressed Air and Gas Institute’s (CAGI) BL300. CAGI data sheets for Kaeser’s blower packages are available here

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