Bottled Water Makes Headlines

Oct. 12, 2001

Recent news regarding the public’s fluoride intake and chromium 6 contamination has made for some alarming headlines. Though several past reports have concentrated on tap water, it is bottled water that is now becoming the current media target. I think that the item of greatest public concern was the announcement of Elan Natural Waters’ recall of its Natural Drinking Water.

Discovery of yeast and mold in its bottled water forced the manufacturer to deem its product unfit for human consumption and release a recall, according to Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin. Laboratory tests that revealed the presence of yeast and mold prompted Elan, Blairsville, Ga., to voluntarily recall the bottles. Proper procedures were followed during the recall, and testing will continue as bottled water remains packaged at that plant.

It is these important issues that WQP feels compelled to deal with this month–bottled water treatment, troubleshooting and markets. Ozone oxidizes organic and inorganic substances; removes unwanted taste, odor and color; and provides disinfection, according to "Ozone for Bottled Water" on page 10. Because of this, ozone has become a popular choice for bottled water manufacturers, not just for treating the water but for rinsing and cleaning the bottles as well.

Often when there is a complaint about bottled water, that product already has been consumed by others. On page 15, Barb Marteney offers wisdom on how to troubleshoot customer complaints and cope with unexpected problems.

Also, we’ve included a report from Zenith on international bottled water markets on page 17. This report gives a glance at where some of the bottled water growth is worldwide and, despite economy downturn, how it continues to flourish.

And, of course, we added the International Bottled Water Association’s show guide for its 43rd Annual Conference and Trade Show on Oct. 4-6 in Miami Beach, Fla. Our guide offers a complete look at the conference, trade show, activities and even products you won’t want to miss for all of your individual planning needs.

With bottled water playing such a large role in all of our daily lives, standards for high quality product including testing procedures and crisis management should rank high on our lists of concerns.

See you in Miami!

Wendi Hope King

[email protected]

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