Coatings Repair 20-year-old Pump, Save Replacement Costs

July 25, 2001

The Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Chalk Point Generating power plant is Maryland’s largest, serving Washington, D.C., and suburbs.

The specially designed 20-year-old pump, which handles 127,500 gallons of cooling water per minute, showed cracks in its casing and pitting from corrosion. The estimated replacement cost was over $1 million.

In their search for a cost-effective way to repair the pump, PEPCO contacted Devcon of Danvers, Mass., which recommended a repair solution that took less than two weeks and saved PEPCO hundreds of thousands of dollars.

First, PEPCO employees sand blasted, solvent washed, and coated the pump with Devcon FL-10 Primer. They then filled cracks, pits, and holes with Titanium Putty, a titanium-reinforced epoxy compound with high compressive strength (to 18,800 psi), high temperature resistance (to 350° F), and optimal resistance to chemical and acid corrosion.

Finally, they applied Devcon Brushable Ceramic – a brushable, two-coat, corrosion-resistant epoxy coating – which produces a smooth, long-lasting, protective surface. Repairing the pump instead of replacing it saved Potomac Electric Power Company over $900,000.

All work was performed by PEPCO maintenance personnel. The Devcon regional manager was on site during the repairs to provide technical/application assistance. The pump was back in service in less than two weeks

PHOTO CAPTION: Used to repair a worn and leaking cooling-water pump, Devcon products helped it to be returned to service in less than two weeks. After sand blasting, washing, and priming the huge pump’s inner walls, workers filled cracks, pits, and holes with Devcon Titanium Putty. For long-term protection, internal surfaces were then coated with Devcon Brushable Ceramic to produce a smooth surface that resists corrosion and abrasion.

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