Dec 18, 2017

Bubble-based Wastewater Cleaning Technology Wins Prize

The new technology uses high-pressure bubbles to clean wastewater

Technology uses nanobubbles to treat wastewater

A technology that utilizes high-pressure air bubbles to clean wastewater was awarded the top prize at Ag Pitch ‘17, a new project included in the annual Rural Maryland Council Summit in Annapolis, Md.

The winning company, Nano Air Bubble Aeration Systems (NABAS), was given $7,500 resulting from their victorious presentation to more than 50 people and a panel of five business and agriculture professionals. The event saw many entries from prospective businesses still in their nascent stages. Five finalists were then selected and each gave presentations to the aforementioned judge group.

NABAS has already rolled out availability in both Asia and Europe, and the technology will now be developed for implementation on poultry and dairy farms in Maryland.

The system is natural and chemical free. Nanobubbles are released into contaminated water, and because they are negatively charged, are attracted to the contaminants. After the nanobubbles have found the contaminants, they are then carried to the surface for easy removal.