Jan 24, 2001

Washington Utility Selects Fourelle Systems for Wireless Internet Applications

Fourelle Systems, Inc. has announced that the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), the nation's second largest water and wastewater utility, has selected Venturi to improve customer service and boost employee efficiency.
Venturi is the only patented all-WAN solution for the acceleration of Internet content, giving WSSC's IP-based customer service and HR applications a significant speed increase.
According to the WSSC, which serves more then 1.5 million customers in Prince George and Montgomery counties in Maryland, Venturi's unique protocol optimization, compression and caching technologies speed Internet applications up to 300% faster across WSSC's WAN, while significantly reducing bandwidth requirements and packet count.
Because all WSSC applications now use the company's wireless network and Venturi software, performance improvements are imminent throughout the utility commission.
Venturi provides all IP-based applications over all WANs, including satellite, frame relay, wireless, dial-up, cable, and DSL and integrates easily into RAS and VPN environments. The software is designed to maximize the use and efficiency of current network links, thereby eliminating the need to add capacity by purchasing additional access.