May 07, 2008

VRTX Water Savings Reach New High

VRTX customers now saving one billion gal of potable water

VRTX Technologies, which specializes in chemical-free water treatment for cooling towers and evaporative condensers, recently announced that customers are now annually saving one billion gal of potable water.

The number of gallons saved represents an increase in cycle of concentration for VRTX customers.

The innovative, nonchemical water treatment gives companies an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals, while saving water and improving worker safety. VRTX increases cycles of concentration to save the average customer approximately 2 million gal of reusable water annually.

“Reaching one billion gal is a testament to our recent growth. Next year, we are looking to reach 1.3 billion gal of saved water,” said David Nicholas, VRTX chief executive officer. “This shows businesses are becoming more aware of the harsh effects of chemicals on the environment, and the ability of VRTX to increase water efficiency for our customers.”

The rising cost of water and increase in drought conditions worldwide is encouraging more companies to save water.

Saving water is only one benefit to using the nonchemical technology. VRTX also increases energy efficiency and allows systems to cut back effluent charges. Most VRTX installations see a reduction in discharged water by 40%.

Three steps to sustainable cooling with VRTX:

Cycle Higher
When water is lost in evaporative cooling applications, solids are left behind in the cooling equipment. Cycles of concentration are the number of times the solids are concentrated by evaporation. Eventually the concentrated solids must be purged from the system and replaced with fresh water. Increasing the cycles of concentration requires less fresh water than systems operating at a lower cycle of concentration. VRTX increases the number of cycles the water makes through the system to save the average customer about 2 million gal of reusable water annually.

Eliminate chemicals
Using harmful chemicals in cooling are potential hazardous to employees and to the environment. If a spill of acids and biocides used in cooling towers occurred, the consequences could be severe. By installing a nonchemical device, these potential hazards are completely erased.

Reuse discharged water
Because the system is chemical-free, VRTX comes with an added environmental benefit. There are no chemicals used in the water, therefore no chemicals are discharged into storm sewers. The discharged water can be used for non-potable applications such landscape irrigation, cooling industrial equipment and water retention for emergency purposes.