Dec 20, 2006

Vortex Corp. and Cool Chili Partner to Deliver Commercial Water Products to Europe

Vortex Corp., a global innovator of chemical-free water and air purification technologies, and Cool Chili, a leading European water products distributor, announced their partnership to develop and deliver advanced commercial water products to Europe. Cool Chili will be the exclusive commercial distributor of water-cooler products sustained by Vortex’s patented UltraviOzone technology – currently funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – in ten markets, including Norway, France, Germany and Spain.
“Our partnership with Cool Chili demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering safe, healthy water to a global marketplace,” said Ray Denkewicz, chief executive officer of Vortex Corp. “Through this alliance, we are well positioned to accelerate commercialization of our technology in Europe by leveraging our water expertise to address the region’s growing demands for quality water.”
The companies will jointly develop direct-feed and bottled water coolers, based on the Vortex UltraviOzone process, for commercial applications throughout Europe – where demand has been on the rise. Point-of-use (POU) water cooler usage increased by 30% for the sixth consecutive year, according to a recent report released by Zenith International. The co-branded water coolers are expected to reach market in May 2007.
UltraviOzone naturally purifies water by combining the synergistic effects of ultraviolet light, ozone and photo-oxidation, mimicking the water purification phenomenon that occurs in the environment. Through a patented five-way treatment process, Vortex systems produce refreshing, oxygenated water without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.
“We are excited to forge this cooperative effort with Vortex,” said Harald Meyer Ottho, chief executive officer of Cool Chili. “This partnership underlines our investment in new water technologies that deliver a great-tasting product to our customers at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.”
Vortex is currently under contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to develop chlorine-free water purification systems for municipal use, leveraging the company’s patented and scalable UltraviOzone technology for improved emergency preparedness and homeland security. The system has the potential to significantly reduce (or eliminate) the U.S. dependency on chlorine as a primary disinfectant in water treatment. In recent studies, the storage and transportation of this agent have been identified as potential terrorism risks. Further, chlorinated byproducts have been linked to cancer.