Vivendi Revenues Grow 9.7 Percent in 2001

Vivendi Universal, the French media and utility conglomerate, reported Monday that its revenues rose 9.7 in 2001 on growth in its telecoms and environment services, slightly below a self-imposed target of 10 percent.

Vivendi's revenues were 57.36 billion euros ($50 billion) in 2001, compared with 53.05 billion euros ($46.3 billion) on a comparable basis in 2000.

The results reflect Vivendi's acquisition of Seagram's media businesses in late 2000. Actual reported revenue rose to 57.36 billion ($50 billion) from 41.58 billion euros ($36.29 billion) in 2000.

Revenue from Vivendi Environment, the water and waste management group in which Vivendi Universal owns 63 percent, rose 11 percent to 29.09 billion euros ($25.39 billion) from 26.29 billion euros ($22.94 billion) in 2000.

Revenue at the group's media division, which accounted for 50 percent of the company's business, rose 9.2 percent to 28.94 billion euros ($25.26 billion) from 26.50 billion euros ($23.12 billion)

Vivendi Universal said it would focus on internal growth this year, adding it expects revenue to increase by at least 10 percent.

Vivendi will report full results on March 5.


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