Dec 28, 2000

Vital Living Products, Inc.'s Pesticide Kits Available at ACE Hardware Dealers

Living Products, Inc. dba American Water Service, manufacturer of PurTest(R)
water testing kits, has announced that ACE Hardware, headquartered in Oak Brook,
Illinois, has added the PurTest(R) Pesticide kit to ACE warehouse distribution
network serving 5,800 ACE dealers nationwide. ACE has carried four of
PurTest(R)'s award winning, professionally endorsed, kits for all their dealers
since April 1998 and this month agreed to add the newest PurTest(R) Pesticide
kit for detecting the absence or presence of 13 triazines, the pesticides that
have been most commonly detected in home tap water.

R. Podrebarac, President and CEO, said, "ACE Hardware was the first
customer to offer the PurTest(R) kits throughout the United States. We are
tremendously pleased that our product has done so well for ACE and that the ACE
dealers can now add the newest product in the do-it-yourself line."

PurTest(R) kit is designed for homeowners to use. Mr. Podrebarac continued,
"The convenience of being able to detect the test results in eight minutes
at home gives people immediate assurance, if it shows pesticides are not present
in harmful levels -- and an immediate opportunity to correct the problem if they

Living developed the PurTest(R) Pesticide kit as a result of growing data and
community concern about the risks of pesticides that remain in the ground years
after application and which studies have linked to motor skill development
problems in young children, pets and small livestock animals.

Burns, Buyer at ACE Hardware, acknowledged that the concern about drinking water
quality is a national issue and said, "We have been hearing more about the
dangers of pesticides and have seen reports of its impact on water resources.
Dealer success with PurTest(R)'s Bacteria, Iron, Hardness, Lead and Home Water
Analysis Kits have proved consumer interest supports our decision." He
added, "I plan to feature PurTest(R) at the Spring ACE Hardware Dealers
Show in Atlanta, Georgia, April 6-10 in my own presentation to our dealers. It
is the kind of product that not only creates new demand but also helps customers
select the water treatment equipment they need."