Dec 15, 2014

Virginia Pollution Control Plant Relines Treatment Pond

Built in the early 1970s, the Water Pollution Con­trol Plant Northside Facility in Danville, Va., is re­sponsible for treating both domestic and industrial
waste. This facility has the capacity to treat up to 24 million gal per day. In 2009, the existing 325,000-sq-ft treatment pond, lined with unsupported PVC, had deteriorated beyond repair and needed to be replaced with a new liner system.

High-Strength Relining 

Stimulus money earmarked for high-priority projects in Virginia allowed the Northside Facility to evaluate various options in order to completely reline the 7.5-acre pond. The design firm, Dewberry, selected XR-3 by Seaman Corp., a high-performance, 30-mil reinforced geomembrane.

The geomembrane, based on XR technology utilizing ethylene interpolymer alloy (EIA), was chosen for its long-term performance in wastewater facilities. These geomembranes consistently demonstrate ultraviolet and weathering resistance in harsh climates. The XR-3 provides higher strength properties than unsupported geomembranes that are more than twice as thick. In an effort to minimize field seams, Dewberry specified large prefabricated XR-3 panels, up to 20,000 sq ft each, for the installation. 

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