Oct 07, 2010

Virgin Islands Selects MIOX Prefabricated Disinfection System

System will be final disinfection phase at St. Croix facility

MIOX Corp. has been selected by Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority to supply a prefabricated packaged onsite mixed oxidant disinfection system for the final disinfection phase at the Richmond Water Distribution Facility on the island of St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands. The prefabricated packaged system will include three Vault Series mixed oxidant generators, each with a 60 lb per day capacity, and will treat 3 million gal of desalinated water per day. The system is expected to be complete by late 2010, and will replace the facility’s aging calcium hypochlorite system.

“We’re excited to have a state-of-the art disinfection system that will reduce costs and improve water quality for our community,” said Hugo V. Hodge Jr., CPQ, executive director of the authority. “By ordering the prefabricated system ‘plug and play,’ installation costs are significantly reduced, and choosing the Vault made perfect sense. The new system will minimize maintenance, saving the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority time and labor costs.”

The Vault Series generates a 0.45% mixed oxidant solution on-site, on demand, by combining three common consumables: salt, water and electricity. Generating a chlorine equivalent on-site eliminates the need to transport and store potentially dangerous chlorine gas and alleviates operational challenges associated with storing and injecting bulk sodium hypochlorite. Mixed oxidants offer advantages over other chlorine technologies, exhibiting superior disinfection efficacy, elimination of biofilm, a more durable chlorine residual, reduced formation of disinfection by-products and improved taste and odor. The MIOX system product line is scalable with free available chlorine (FAC) ranging from 4 to 1,550 or more lb per day.