Aug 12, 2021

Water Use & Conservation Data During Drought | WWD Weekly Digest

Water Use & Conservation Data During Drought | WWD Weekly Digest

As the drought drags on in the U.S. West, communities are faced with more and more water restrictions. But just how effective have those restrictions been, and how well is water being conserved?

Flume CEO and Founder Eric Adler and Flume Vice President of Customer Success and Data Joe Fazio discuss some of the data they’ve seen from California households, and what that means for water conservation efforts. They highlight how engaging residents at the customer level can benefit utilities and build community bonds while noting which lessons are useful and transferrable to water-rich states in the Eastern U.S.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Water usages rates and how Flume gathers that data: (0:47)
  • How is the water data parsed to determine the source of flow?: (2:43)
  • Water use and conservation findings of 2021 Drought: (4:51)
  • How can data like this inform utility messaging to their customers?: (8:26)
  • How water drinking water flows can be useful for wastewater utilities: (10:52)
  • What residents and utilities can do better to conserve water: (12:06)
  • Grassroots community efforts and gamification of water conservation: (14:10)
  • What water-rich regions can learn from water stressed ones: (15:02)
  • The water culture divide between the Western and Eastern U.S.: (17:16)
  • Outro: (17:50)

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