Apr 15, 2021

The Popularity Growth of Plastic Pipe | WWD Weekly Digest

The Popularity Growth of Plastic Pipe | WWD Weekly Digest

Much about pipe materials for water and wastewater projects has remained the same, but plastic pipe has gained momentum since the 1970s. The type of materials used often was charged by the market forces, cost and production time, and availability in certain regions. With a more interconnected world than a century ago, the barriers for access to plastic pipe have been reduced or eliminated entirely.

Keith Moggach, manager of specification engineering team for Napco Pipe & Fittings, discusses the history of pipe materials specifications in the U.S. and the drivers that have led to that change. Andre Battistin, Vice President of Napco Pipe & Fittings for North America, explains how plastic pipe could fit into the proposed American Jobs Plan and why it is a preferred material for upcoming infrastructure projects.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • What pipe materials are currently being used by water utilities?: (0:46)
  • How have pipe materials specifications changed over time?: (2:18)
  • What makes plastic pipe a popular material to specify?: (6:42)
  • What role will plastic pipe play in the American Jobs Plan proposal?: (7:52)
  • The role of plastic pipe in residential and commercial construction: (9:20)
  • Outro: (10:29)

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