May 18, 2021

Patrick McKeown | WWD Young Pros

Patrick McKeown | WWD Young Pros

Patrick McKeown started his career at CDM Smith where he credits his former colleague Kate Biedron with guiding him through his early career steps and setting an example of inclusivity and professionalism. Those traits have served him well as he transitioned to a business development role with ECT2.

He also explains how and why fishing plays such an important role in his life, the skills he learned as a camp counselor and how he continues to use them in his professional life day to day. Lastly, McKeown flips the script on the vanity narrative of wastewater to encourage the next generation to join the industry.

  • Intro: 0:00
  • Career path and trajectory: (0:42)
  • Transitioning from CDM Smith to ECT2: (1:28)
  • Gaining perspective through multiple roles & opportunities: (2:30)
  • Favorite project and why it was most memorable: (3:10)
  • How his favorite project impacted future work: (4:20)
  • Experience as a counselor and as a Big Brother mentor: (4:53)
  • Fishing, decompressing and family: (7:20)
  • Role models and what they’ve taught him: (9:20)
  • Catering to the next generation of water workers: (12:42)
  • Outro: (15:42)

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