May 12, 2022

Lu Xing, Xylem | 2022 WWD Young Pros

Lu Xing, Xylem | 2022 WWD Young Pros

What started as a fascination in data analysis for ships changed for Lu Xing. She wanted to do work on something that was more relevant to the day to day person and to her life. In pursuing her Master Degree, the last course she took was “Water Resources Planning & Management.” The professor and the coursework, and before she knew it, she was a Ph.D. student in the water industry.

Xing, who is now a data scientist - decision intelligence for Xylem, also explains how she thinks her generation will impact the water industry, what the water sector can learn from the other utility sectors, and the criticality of teaching water’s value to children so they can become life-long water lovers.

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  • Intro | 0:00
  • Career path | 1:01
  • Most memorable project: data assimilation and neural network | 3:35
  • Why water should learn from other utility sectors | 6:24
  • Generational influence on the water industry | 7:39
  • How digitization can address issue of trust in water | 9:24
  • Hobbies and relaxation | 10:20
  • How to cater to the next generation of water professionals | 11:19
  • Instill the value of water at a young age | 14:16

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